Arts’ living room

The Faculty of Arts’ living room is a place on the second floor of the Erasmus building (E 2.01) where all students can sit and relax in between lectures. The living room is also used by (study) associations for their activities, but students can also book the room for their activities. The Arts’ living room can be booked during the opening hours of the Erasmus building, with the exception of the lunch break (from 12:00h to 13:30h).

Do you want to book? That’s possible! Send an email to one week in advance with the following information:

  • Your name and, if necessary, on behalf of whom you want to book the room;
  • On which day you wish to book the room;
  • At what time you wish to book the room;
  • For what kind of activity you want to use the room.

Booked times are visible in this agenda.

Please note that those who have booked also have the responsibility to leave the Arts’ living room proper and tidy. If you have booked the room and find that it’s exceptionally messy, things are broken or missing, or you find any other serious irregularities, please report them to Failing to do so might result in costs being charged!