LETO is the umbrella organization for the study associations from the Faculty of Arts at Radboud University Nijmegen. Along with the founding of the umbrella organization, some aims were created. First of all LETO strives to look after the interests of the member associations at the Faculty of Arts and the Radboud University Nijmegen. The study associations who have a membership at LETO are called member associations. The second aim is to connect all member associations and to offer support to them. Everything that stands in relation to this in its widest sense is also regarded as an aim.

Founding of the umbrella organization
Umbrella Organization LETO was founded at 19th June 2018 by the founding board, that consisted of Corel van den Brink (chair), Jolijn van Rossem (secretary) and Delano van Luik (treasurer). Since 2017 those three worked on founding LETO. Before the founding of the umbrella organization there was another way to bring all the study associations in touch with each other and with the Faculty Student Council of Arts (FSCA) and the assessor. There was the ‘Letterencommissie’ (LetCo)
with a delegate from every study association to organize activities for all study associations together. Besides that, the ‘Samenwerkingsoverleg Letterenverenigingen’ (SOLve) existed, which organized meetings with the study associations and the FSCA to provide updates about the Faculty. The founding board of LETO suggested the umbrella organization as a more efficient replacement of the LetCo and the SOLve.

Association structure
Every six weeks, the umbrella organization organizes an General Member Assembly (GMA), for what all the member associations are invited. The most important aim for such a GMA is to bring the member associations together at one specific moment to talk about the faculty-wide association activities and to provide them with updates of the Faculty of Arts. LETO and its Activity Committee (AcCo) take care of the organization of the activities, while they get input from the member associations at the GMA about their preferences for the content of the concerned activity. The Commissioner for Association Affairs of the FSCA and the assessor are invited to the GMA’s as well to update about relevant information concerning the Faculty. In this way LETO serves as an efficient link for the communication between study associations with each other and with the FSCA and the assessor.