Activities committee

In previous years, faculty-wide Arts activities were organized by the Arts Committee. However, now that this committee has been dissolved into the umbrella association, LETO will continue this through an Activities Committee (AcCo). At GAs, decisions are made about which activities will be held and what they will look like in broad terms. The AcCo then uses this information to organize the activities. The Activities Committee therefore mainly has an executive role, while the decisions are made by the General Assembly. Members of member associations can voluntarily take a seat on the AcCo.

In the association year 2020-2021, the AcCo consists of the following members:

Dylan Breedeveld (LETO)
Jip Kok (LETO)
Alex van Megen (LETO)
Ira Querelle (KNUS)
Dylan Jacobs (OSK)
Tijn Brands (Sodalicium)
Toby van Sonsbeek (Sodalicium)