Activity Committee

In previous years the faculty-wide association activities were organized by the ‘Letterencommissie’. This LetCo has now been implemented in the umbrella association and is continuing as the Activities Committee (AcCo) of LETO. During the General Member Assemblies decisions are being made about the kind of activities and the overall content. The AcCo then starts working with this information by organizing the activities. The Activities Committee has therefore an primarily executive role, while the decisions are made by the General Member Assembly. In the AcCo the (board) members of the member associations are allowed to take place voluntary.

In association year 2019-2020 the AcCo consisted out of the following members:

Thomas Pijnaker (LETO)
Dionne Wilbrink (GSV Excalibur)
Jip Kok (Sodalicium)
Joana Koster (Sodalicium)
Ricardo Reitsma (G.A.G.)
Sara van Rijt (KNUS)