The chair of LETO has two main tasks: first of all the chair is the head of the umbrella organization and has to lead it in the right direction. Furthermore, the basic tasks of a chair are making agendas for board meetings and ALV’s and to preside both meetings. Besides that, the chair is also a kind of political commissioner. While being the main contact person, the chair also looks after the wishes of the member associations, whether or not with the FSRL, the assessor and the faculty board.

The secretary is the administrator of the member administration, the LETO-email and the other (social) media of LETO. The secretary keeps in touch with the member associations and other organizations and makes sure that the other board members receives their concerning correspondence. Besides that, the secretary takes care of the management of the Arts’ living room.

The financial affairs of the umbrella organization are allocated to the treasurer. This means that the treasurer takes care of the financial administration and the management of the bank account and the safe. The treasurer is also the head of the activity committee.

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